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You Met…Now What? Part 1

Nov 19, 2014 | No Comments

Email led to phone calls, phone calls led to Skype and Skype prompted you to meet in person. You planned the time and place and wondered how it would go. But meeting in person left you with more questions than answers. Now what?

Beginning with this first installment, we’ll offer some thoughts based on four different scenarios that may have resulted after you met:

  • Scenario #1: Neither of you feel motivated to keep exploring potential
  • Scenario #2: He/she is motivated…you’re not
  • Scenario #3: You’re motivated…he/she isn’t
  • Scenario #4: You’re both motivated…but you have lots of miles in-between

Scenario #1: Neither of you feel motivated to keep exploring potential

Over the course of connecting in person, you came to the conclusion that your relationship has no further potential and you got the impression that perspective was mutual.

This scenario is rare, since there typically had to be some kind of initial connection to get you this far. But if your face-to-face time and the conversations you shared brought up issues that you both agree are deal-breakers, then now’s the time to move on.

If you’ve already had a conversation where you’ve mutually agreed to go your separate ways, then let that be it. Make a clean break and focus your attention on what’s next.

If you haven’t had that conversation, then you may be vulnerable to awkwardness and misunderstanding. Closure is good for everyone — especially when it’s done with kindness and brevity. There’s no need to spell out all your concerns or to take parting shots about problem areas. You can just simply say, “Well, it doesn’t look like this is going any further; all the best as you pursue other opportunities.”

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