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Understanding and Overcoming a Porn Struggle

Sep 15, 2014 | 4 Comments

Perhaps the greatest challenge to forming good marriages today is pornography. The pervasiveness of explicit images and story lines miseducate men and women about relationships, love, sex and marriage. Additionally, pornography saps vital energy from the pursuit, cultivation and growth of healthy relationships.

If your path to marriage has been affected by pornography (and that’s now the case for most singles), then today is the day to seek redemption for your path. The purpose of the articles referenced below is to help you understand and overcome a struggle with pornography.

Understanding the Seduction of Pornography by Albert Mohler Jr.

The pervasive plague of pornography represents one of the greatest moral challenges faced by the Christian church in the postmodern age. With eroticism woven into the very heart of the culture, celebrated in its entertainment, and advertised as a commodity, it is virtually impossible to escape the pervasive influence of pornography in our culture and in our lives.

At the same time, the problem of human sinfulness is fundamentally unchanged from the time of the Fall until the present. There is no theological basis for assuming that human beings are more lustful, more defenseless before sexual temptation or more susceptible to the corruption of sexual desire than was the case in any previous generation. Read article

Behind Sex Addiction is a Hunger for Godby Brent Curtis and John Eldredge

We put our hope in meeting a lover who will give us some form of immediate gratification, some taste of transcendence that will place a drop of water on our parched tongue. This taste of transcendence, coming as it does from a nontranscendent source, whether that be an affair, a drug, an obsession with sports, pornography, or living off of our giftedness, has the same effect on our souls as crack cocaine. Read article

An Individual Approach to Recovery by Daniel Weiss

One of the most common questions asked by a person after acknowledging his sexual brokenness is:

“Can I fix this by myself?”

The unspoken (but no less serious) part of this question is:

“Do I really have to tell anyone about this?”

It doesn’t matter who asks the question—young or old, male or female, parent or teen, married or single; most of us want to hide that broken part of us in the back closet of our lives, away from prying eyes, ridicule, and embarrassment. Read article

Repentance for Sexual Addiction by Dr. Harry Schaumburg

Repentance essentially means to change direction. It means to turn away from a focus on yourself and your own autonomy and toward God. Read article

How to Develop Effective Accountability by Rob Jackson

Our most basic need in life is relationship with God and others. Within these relationships, we can safely discover our blind spots and receive new input and teaching. Sadly, however, it’s in our human nature to hide ourselves if we sense disapproval from others. Read article

This post is reprinted from The Guide section of Marry Well.

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