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Relationship or Transactional Interaction?

Apr 24, 2014 | 1 Comment

John Richmond recently suggested “One Way to Fix Toxic Relationships” on the Storyline blog:

Far too often we enter relationships with a consumer mentality. These transactional interactions reduce “relating” to mere “networking.” We seek out the important and influential and avoid those who appear average or of limited utility — we reject C.S. Lewis’ declaration that “there are no ordinary people.”

This behavior is one thing at a cocktail party, but when it creeps into the rest of our lives, it inhibits authentic connections. “Friends” are reduced to “contacts” when we relate to them based on what they can do for us instead of who they are. Even in marriage – the relationship that ought to be the deepest and most intimate – this consumerism is surprisingly common and destructive. Ironically, if my focus is on how my spouse can fulfill me or help me achieve my life’s goals, I will miss out on marriage’s greatest joys.

Check out the full post here.

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