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Christian Dating Tips: #26

Jan 26, 2015 | No Comments

by Motte Brown

Christian Dating Tip #26: Take a second look at singles in your community.

Over the last three years, online dating ranks third (17%) on the list of how people met their spouse. But while online dating is proving to be a worthy means of getting married, it’s important to make sure you’re not ignoring the top two — at work or school and through family or friends.

Here are some questions to ensure you’re making the most of opportunities in your community:

  • Have you taken a second look at someone you dismissed early on as “not your type”? There are two things to think about when taking a “second look”: 1) Attraction can grow if given a chance and 2) People change. The person you would never had considered a year or two ago may be a different person. And you might be a different person too.
  • Have you asked your family and friends to help you get married? Unless you’ve asked, they probably won’t think of you the next time they meet Mr. or Mrs. Wonderful-for-you.
  • Have you overlooked opportunities to get to know people? Think about all the church, school or work functions or activities you turned down because you’d rather curl up with a bowl of ice cream or munch on some chicken wings and watch your favorite movie.
  • Have you learned how to give someone a chance? Just because you don’t see potential doesn’t mean there isn’t any. (See Christian Dating Tips: #24 for more help on this one.)

So have you taken a second look at the singles in your community? Can you think of other ways to leverage to top two ways of meeting a spouse?

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